World's Largest Ag Robot Video

April 21, 2016
field scanner

Lemnatec Field Scanalyzer

The Lemnatec Field Scanalyzer at the USDA Arid Land Research Station in Maricopa, Arizona is the largest field crop analytics robot in the world (to our knowledge). This high-throughput phenotyping field-scanning robot has a 30-ton steel gantry that autonomously moves along two 200-meter steel rails while continuously imaging the crops growing below it with a diverse array of cameras and sensors. It was constructed in the winter of 2015-2016, the first data was collected in February and the first Sorghum trials begin in April 2016. We aim to make this unprecedented data stream as open and accessible as possible.

Time Lapse Video

This time-lapse video that compresses the live video feed collected between October 29, 2015 and February 1 2016.