New Video Tutorials for Accessing TERRA REF Data

Oct. 11, 2019

Kristina has begun publishing new videos on the TERRA REF YouTube channel that demonstrate how to access and use some key TERRA REF datasets.

Because of the diversity and size of the data collected by TERRA REF as well as the number of different databases and ways to access it, it can be challenging to find a specific data set. We want to enable users to access, get, and use the data of interest, so we have been developing a set of tutorials that show users how to access and analyze TERRA REF data. Funding from the Midwest Big Data Hub supported presentation of online webinars and videos to accompany these tutorials.

Kristina presented four one hour walkthroughs of these tutorials that cover accessing and using trait data, weather data, and image data, and an introduction to getting TERRA REF data via the Breeding API.Look for more videos to be posted in the coming weeks. Please remember to like, subscribe, and comment on our videos and as always, you can find us on Slack and Github. If you do something cool with our data, please consider improving an exisitng tutorial or contributing your own!