Sensor Standards Committee Meeting Notes

By David LeBauer; ARPA-E TERRA Reference Data and Computing Team Comment

March 31, 2016 Sensor Data Standards Committee Meeting


David LeBauer, Chris Boomsma, Larry Biehl, Ed Delp, Melba Crawford, Solmaz Hajmohammadi, Charlie Zender, Matt Colgan, Alex Thomasson


Updates on Lemnatec Field Scanner in Arizona

Sample data from wheat is available

Sorghum planting scheduled for mid-April

Review of initial data sets and products

Raw data sets available

  • How to access raw data: Globus, Clowder (by request, not yet public - Maloney, John Daniel <>)
  • Plans for v0 sensor data products

  • Data stream for environmental sensors (including meteorology and downwelling spectra)
  • Hyperspectral and imagery data - Charlie Zender
    • Ugly workflow script (convert raw->netCDF, compress, add metadata)
    • Help screen
    • Run output
    • Review sample data (warning: 134 Mb) and/or metadata
      • People will be most interested in looking at band-specific data so the default script is simplified for this.
      • Lossless compression by Deflate is 20-25% with no loss of data with less than 5 s to decompress. Higher compression will cause longer decompression time
      • Lossy compression is an option (bit rounding), then compressing with lossless compression to get an extra 10% saving per decimal digit
  • Gantry sensors
    • How to correct if velocity is not constant? Also problems with GPS if moving very slowly.
    • All lemnatec GFE cameras are operating independently and data will be combined later (image stitching)
    • Speed of gantry and start time positions known. Timestamp with text file accurate to millisec. Accurate to second when the mirror angle is changing, and the gantry is not moving.
    • Any info on reflectance calibration? What should we do for calibration?


  • What are the priority use cases to support?
  • (How and where) might you use software components?
  • Are you interested in either contributing data or adopting common standards?
  • Calibration
    • Light
    • Space
    • Time

GitHub issues

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